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Live Support System

Installation of chat system

  • Edit livechat.cgi or livechat.php file, and enter your password there.
  • Upload one of the scripts (livechat.cgi or livechat.php) to your server.
  • Select Settings/Web menu item, and type full URL to uploaded script on your server.
  • Wait a little in order to let program to connect to your server. You may restart program in order to connect faster.
  • Program icon will become green if you did above steps correctly. Open Settings/Web menu again, and see server reply and/or error message, if the icon is red.
  • Put the following HTML code on one of your pages:

    Note, you would probably need to replace file name livechat.php with that one you uploaded to server on second step. Also, you would probably need to replace directory /cgi-bin/ with that one you uploaded the script to.
  • Now live support system is installed. Congratulations!

Installation of website monitoring system

  • Select HTML Code menu item, select your script from drop-down list, and copy HTML code to clipboard.
  • Insert the HTML code to all pages of your website.

Further reading

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