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Sound Recorders

Records all sound activity around computer using sound card. Some key features are voice activated recording, multiple sound card support, all possible sound formats supported.

The program capable to record sound that is being played back by any application (voice chats, flash movies, games etc)

Records all your phone calls with easy! Incredible sound quality and sound volume. Caller ID ready.

Record all your phone calls to any sound format from up to 32 sound sources simultaneously.
Software for Voice Modems and Dialogic Boards

Powerful telephone server for telephony boards and voice modems.

Powerful telephone server for voice modems.

Monitor all your incoming phone calls, and broadcast caller ID information to all computers in your network.

This multifunctional software includes: advanced answering machine, call display, email checker, phone book, ISP dialer, reminder and more.

Advanced telemarketing tool. Dials numbers one by one and forwards voice messages. Extra Dialer understands busy and no-answer tones. Extra Dialer can broadcast customized messages using text-to-speech technology. Messages are broadcasted via regular phone line.

Records all your telephone conversations with easy! Incredible sound quality and sound volume. Caller ID ready.

Record all your telephone conversations to any sound format from up to 32 sound sources simultaneously.

Why not to use this useful freeware screensaver instead of that one you have now?
Internet Explorer enhancements

Remember and restore web-forms with a mouse click

Vew HTML source of current page, including all frames.
Security and Privacy Guard

Easy to use video surveillance tool.

A powerful anti-hacker tool. Keep your private files encrypted.

Small and fast firewall software with built-in NAT server.

Solutions for Webmasters

Chat to your website visitors in real-time. Monitor visitors activity, view pages they are browsing, http headers, refering website, ip address and much more.

Webmasters, now you can control your website! Active LogView enables incredible real time statistics and some unique features like filtering and searching. You do not need to download your log files any more. Analyse them on the server!

This is simple and freeware script, that logs daily hits, referers, user agents and more.

Create discussions on your website.

Protect your HTML pages from offline browsers. Protect your email address from spiders.

Query whois and DNS information for any domain name. Keep information about your websites in one place. Never loose domain name because you forgot to pay for it.
Resources for software developers

Sound converter component for your application. Converts WAV files to any format.

Powerful sound recorder component for your application.

Easy to use ActiveX control for data modem operations. It allows to execute commands, get modem replies, receive a number of different notifications about hardware state changes, and more.

Ever wanted to write a IVR system, predictive dialer or voice mail for your office? This powerful ActiveX control is exactly what you need.

Submit your software to hundreds software archives for free. Pre-fill forms, use PAD files, etc.

This will add some very nifty features to Microsoft™ Developer Studio.

Watch TV and listen radio broadcasts online.

Powerful and user friendly DHCP service for your network.

Choose the best time to start your businees, or even to go to dantist.

Send emails faster, without using SMTP server of your ISP.

Store your Outlook ® Express email database in CHM files.

Replace boring regular dialup service with this powerful tool.

What time is now? This program knows correct answer.

Free plugins for Miranda: RSS News and WebCam Video.

This freeware utility will notify you when new email arrives.

This program will search for keywords on most popular search engines like altavista, yahoo etc.

Download pages with images, sound, video etc for offline browsing.

Link your PAD files each to other.
Android Applications

Astrological calculator for professional astrologers.

Record all your phone calls automatically.

Is your WiFi network vulnerable? This application knows the answer.

Turn your device's screen off and lock it without touching power button.

Start and stop WiFi by timer automatically. Extend your battery life.

Talk to your neighbours, find love, find new friends in your city.

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