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Frequently Asked Questions about Advanced Forum

Q Do you have any install instructions ? Please advice on how to setup it.

A Advanced Forum is easy to setup. Just put forum.exe file into your cgi-bin and type in your browser

Q How to setup Advanced Forum on a Unix server ?

A Advanced Forum runs only under Windows OS.

Q When going to Admin area, it asks for a login and password.. How do I get that?

A After instalation login and password are: forum. If you forget your password, just delete .CFG file and setup program again.

Q It doesn't seem to save my settings when I update them.

A Does your hoster allow to write into your cgi-bin directory? Ask administrator to disable write-protection.

Q When I run Advanced Forum from my cgi-bin, browser attempts to download file.

A Please ask your web-site administrator to configure server properly.

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