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The core of your sportsbook

Typical sportsbook website basically looks like outlined above. Of cause there should be implemented many other important things, like payment processing, risk management, etc.

Our team is currently focused on development of two the most important (the core) parts of any sportsbook project.

We offer complete solutions for the following:

Scraper is an application which
· receives the data from external sources
· converts it to format, acceptable by Sportsbook Core application
· sends to to Sportsbook Core application.

Technically, Scraper is a sandbox for Javascript applications execution, very similar to that one you have in your web-browser application, with the following features:

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Sportsbook Core

This is the heart of any sportsbook website with the following features:
· ulta-fast storage for the data that comes from data source(s)
· convenient transport for website data
· combining the data from different sources
· finding and blocking "problem" odds
· finding and blocking so-called sure bets
· betslip support
· and much more

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