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Some possible uses of jScripter:
· file downloader (ex. server log files)
· test scripts for QA (quality assurance) service
· API testing
· etc

Technically, jScripter is a sandbox for Javascript applications execution, very similar to that one you have in your web-browser application, with the following features:

  • Javascript:
    - Full support of ECMAScript version E5.1  
    - TypedArray support  
    - Node.js Buffer API support  
    - CBOR support  
    - Encoding API support 
    - support  

  • Many helper functions are available

  • HTTP helper API: it's very easy to download/upload anything

  • Websocket support: websocket connections are supported out of the box.

  • Multithreading: all javascript workers are executed in separate thread/sandbox.

  • Disk read/write: save and read your data from filesystem.

  • Proxy support: all connections may go through proxy server if needed (socks4, socks5, https protocols are supported)

  • System requirements:
    - Runs on Linux, Windows, Android (starting from version 2.3.3).
    - No special requirements like memory size, CPU, root priviledges, etc.

  • Remote deployment:
    · updated scripts are automatically deployed to remote devices
    · scripts can be deployed to either all devices or predefined list.

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