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The following command line arguments are supported:
-olog file dir
-spath to storage file. Default file name is .storage and its location is current directory.
-dcurrent directory
-aauto exit application (after all workers are stopped)
-vverbose level (0 - no messages, 1 - only important messages, >2 - all messages)
-uunlock key
-nset top object name. Read more
-wtupdate console window title
Execution of local javascript

Sometimes it's more convenient to specify javascript code in command line, rather than in control panel. There are two ways to do this:

Single file: simply specify path to local javascript file at the end of command line:

scripter -o:/tmp -s:/home/user/storage -a -v2 -u:THEKEY -wt /path/to/single/javascript/file.js

Tip you may skip semicolon after command line key.

Directory: specify path to local directory at the end of command line. All files with .js endings found in that directory will be executed in separate threads. The only exception is made for a file with special name library.js. When found, this file is treated as a library and not executed alone (read more).

scripter -o:/tmp -a -v2 -u:THEKEY -wt /path/to/directory

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