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Custom Software Development

At SoftCab we provide our customers with complete, highly adaptable solutions in custom software development as well as consulting and administration tailored to your specific requirements.

We take the time to listen and study the needs of your business. We keep you informed about the status and progress of the development at all stages of the development project process. We encourage active customer participation at all phases of the process and work carefully to adhere to your exact specifications, avoiding costly revisions later. Working in close cooperation with our clients allows us to stay constantly on-track and within the budget while we design a product and service mix that precisely suits our customers' business.

In designing your custom software product we can either work independently or in cooperation with the specialist(s) at your company. Since we are not affiliated with any hardware or software manufacturer, we can design a solution that integrates seamlessly with the existing products and systems you are currently using. Our products are always designed to grow in order to meet the future needs of your business, and to integrate new technological advancements.

In order to make the transition to a new software/network system easy for our clients, we provide detailed documentation for all work done and user manuals for all products and systems we design, and we complete the implementation of the project by educating you, the end-user, on the full operation of the system. After the project completion, we remain a dependable resource to answer all your questions that inevitably arise as you begin to use your new custom software.

We make every effort to stay competitive, and to provide the best possible product and service mix at reasonable prices. We stay abreast of the newest technologies, hire the best experts available for all supported platforms, and maintain a flexible off-shore development force to minimize programming costs.

We realize the importance of completing the project on time and extensive quality control. At SoftCab, we have the technical expertise you need.

We provide custom software development services for almost any type of application you need, however over the years we have gained expertise and strengths in the following types of software projects:

  ·   C/C++, MSVC, MFC, VB, API, API32, TAPI, Sockets, ActiveX, CGI, HTML, PHP, Perl, ASP, Data bases, Java Script, CSS, HTML5, Client/Server programming, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP.

  ·   Platforms: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and even MS DOS.
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