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WebCam Spy
WebCam Spy - webcamera monitor software
A must have tool for home security, or video surveillance. Main program features are:
  • Multiple video source support
  • Sensitivity of motion detector may be adjusted
  • When motion is detected, program may do the following:
    • Flash icon in system tray
    • Playback alarm sound
    • Save pictures
    • Save video
    • Run external application

WebCam Spy is a program that monitors web camera, connected to computer. The program stays our of way in system tray area, and waits for a motion at the front of the camera. Once motion is detected, WebCam Spy starts either video recording or makes a snapshot of a picture. The program can optionally flash icon in system tray area, playback a warning sound, or run specified program.

Program will automatically catch all web cameras, installed in the system, as well as all other video sources.

Unlike competitor programs, WebCam Spy is capable to start and stop video recording automatically, based on motion detector feature (no timer involved - compare that to our competitors). This will greatly decrease disk space.

WebCam Spy can be used for
Unique features of WebCam Spy
  • Multiple web-camera support
  • Motion detection
  • Create snapshot images
  • Record video
  • Playback alarms
  • Run external programs
  • Program is small and fast
Comparation of Professional and Lite versions

Motion detector
Automatical video recording
Record video with sound 
Automatically adjust sound volume 
Automatical snapshot saving in BMP format
Automatical snapshot saving in JPEG format 
Flash icon in system tray after motion is detected
Option to remove icon from system tray 
Run external application after motion is detected
Show small popup window with video after motion is detected 
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