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Secretly record all sound activity using microphone
Sound Snoper screenshot
  • Multiple sound cards and microphones support simultaneously
  • All sound formats are supported (WAVE PCM, MP3, DSP Truespeech, GSM 6.10, and many others)
  • Voice activated recording. Sound Snooper does not have Start and Stop buttons at all! Program constantly monitors sound volume, and starts recording if volume is larger than specified threshold, ans stops recording if sound volume is low.
  • Stealth recording. Sound Snooper recording module runs as a service, and does not have GUI at all. It's vitrually impossible to detect it.
  • Sound Snooper does not require windows logon. It runs autoatically regardless user logon.
  • Very low system resources using.
Where SoundSnooper can be used?
  • Conference recordings
  • Phone calls monitoring and recording
  • Radio broadcasts logging
  • Spying, employee monitoring, etc.
Key features of Sound Snooper:
  • Voice activated recording
  • Completely undetectable software
  • Multiple sound card support
  • Automatic and semi-automatic gain control
  • Storing records in any sound format, supported by Windows system.
  • One click email sending with record attached.
  • Very low system resources using.
How does SoundSnooper work?
It's really transparent. It constantly monitors sound card(s) for voice activity. SoundSnooper starts recording once it detected loud sound, and automatically stops recording when voice disappeared. The most interesting feature is cutting out long silent pauses. This dramatically decreases disk space usage.
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