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Recording phone calls using induction coil microphone

This method of recording is nice because it's portable and can be quickly hooked up to almost any telephone, even a pay phone. You don't have to have access to the wiring of the phone, you just stick the suction cup on the back of your phone's handset and plug the other end into a tape recorder, stereo or your computer. If you have a phone handset that has electronics in the handset (i.e. the dialing keypad is IN the handset) then you might end up with interference in your recording. It's best to use the suction cup on a phone where the handset is separate from the rest of the phone. But if you don't have a choice, try positioning the suction cup in different places, like on the side of the handset or on the top. You can even stick it on the opposite side, where your ear normally goes, as long as you can still hear the conversation okay. If you do this, you'll probably need to wrap some tape around the suction cup and phone to hold it on.

Record your own phone calls!

You can use your PC for recording phone calls instead of induction coil microphone described above. We recommend to use the following software:

You may also try the following software (voice modem is required):

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