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Recording phone calls using in-line recorders

This device has always been my favorite method of recording phone calls and has almost always produced the best quality recordings. An in-line recorder plugs into any phone jack in your house and will record phone calls from any phone on that same line. These are great for tapping lines - you could hide one of these in a closet with a tape recorder and nobody would ever know that their phone calls were being recorded. If your tape recorder has a "remote" jack on it, this device will automatically start your tape recorder each time a phone in the house is picked up. Then it will stop recording when the caller hangs up. Radio Shack carries many different models and I've never been able to understand what the difference is between them. I own some of them and they appear to do the exact same thing even though one is more expensive than the other.

Tap your own phone conversations!

You can use regular voice modem for recording phone calls instead of in-line recorders described above. We recommend to use the following software:

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