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Modem Options

Communication ports - a list of COM ports that program will monitor

Port Settings - COM port options (byte syze, baud rate, parity and stop bits)

Modem Type - type of modem that is connected to specified COM port

Behaviour - describes how modem will react on different hardware events (incoming/outgoing calls, DTMF beeps, etc)

Compatibility - a list os applications that use modem

Find modem type automatically
Press Search button. The program will find and select the following:
  • COM port number
  • Port settings
  • Modem type


After you run the program, it will open modem, and never release it.

Sometimes you will need to release modem in order to allow other program to work with modem. For example, you may need dial-up internet connectivity.

In this case you need to drag and drop the finder tool to the application window, that is going to work with modem.

The program will constantly monitor windows, and release a modem as soon as it finds a window that is listed in Compatibility list. So, other applications still may use a modem.

The program will monitor the modem again as soon as copatibility application is closed.

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