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Action Editor

This window allows to edit program response on different hardware events (DTMF beeps, disconnect tones, etc).

The Basics

There are two root items: Incoming calls and Outgoing calls. These are executed once phone call is received, depending on phone call direction (in/out).

The actions are executed step by step. Next action is executed only when previous one was successfully done. Once last action is executed, program runs surrent script leaf from the beginning, unless only_once variable is set (see below).


Action: specifies action to be performed.

Variable: once action is successfully executed, variable is equivalent to parameter of action value.

Paramater Of Action: specifies parameter, depending on action (it can be text, file name, directory path, numeric value, etc). You can use special tags here.

Special tags
{Dir}default program directory for storing data files.
{Program_Dir}program installation directory.
{Year2}last two digits of current year. 07 stands for 2007.
{Year}four digits of current year
{Month}full month name in English (January, February, March and so on)
{Month2}two digits of current month (01,02...12)
{Month3}three letter abbreviation of current month (jan, feb, mar, apr, may, jun, jul, aug, sep, oct, nov, dec)
{Day}current day of the month (1,2,3 and so on)
{Day2}two digits of current day of the month (01,02,03 and so on)
{Hour}two digits of current hour (01,02,03...23)
{Minute}two digits of current minute (01,02,03...59)
{Second}two digits of current secind (01,02,03...59)
{Device_Name}Device name (COM1, Channel_dxxxB1C1 etc)
{DTMF_RAW}Full list of DTMF keys, received by hardware (for example, *12345*237)
{DTMF}DTMF path to current leaf in action editor
{Phone_Number}Caller number for incoming phone calls, or called number for outgoing calls (for example, 19051234567).
{Phone_Number_Fmt}Formatted caller number (for example, 1 (905) 123 45 67).
{Phone_Name}Caller/called name (for example, PETERSON JH).

Programming responces on DTMF beeps

DTMF path stands for path to leaf in Action Editor window. For example, DTMF path on screenshot above is *23. DTMF path always starts with star (root leaf). When browsing, two buttons have special meening:
* - root leaf (main menu).
# - return to parent leaf (previous menu).

Right click on item and select an appropriate menu item. Edit actions on bottom part of the window.

Hang up the callHang up the call
PausePause all operations, and wait for call state change (DTMF beeps, disconnect tones, etc)
Pick up the callPickup the call (answer a call)
Playback TextPlayback text obef phone line. Text-To-Speech technology is used for converting text to voice. You can configure text-to-speech in preferences.
Playback Text FilePlayback text file over phone line
Playback WAVE filePlayback WAVE file. Only PCM 8 or 16 bit, mono format, any sampling rate is supported.
Record WAVE fileRecord WAVE file. You can specify file format in preferences.
Set VariableThis will set variable to specified value. See below. Variables will be reset after call is disconnected. Variables are available at any tree leaf, regardless where they were set.
Stop all operations and exitThis will break the script and disconnect the call.

Special Variables
Here are a list of special variables.
only_onceNon-zero value will break execution of current set of commands, and disconnects a call after all commands are executed. Zero value (default) will force the program execute specified commands again and again.
dtmf_stopNon-zero value forces program to break recording or playing back files. Zero value (default) will ignore DTMF keys when recording or playing back files.

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