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Network Caller ID
Broadcast Caller ID information to other computers in a network
Unique features of Network Caller ID software:
  • Monitor caller ID information using regular modem
  • Popup small window (optional) with caller's name and number
  • Play back ring sound (optional)
  • Convenient phone book
  • Caller log with name, number, and timestamp
  • Broadcast caller ID information to other computers in the network

Quick start
You need to install program on several computers in the network. One computer must have a modem device installed. This computer we will call server. All other computers are clients. There can be only one server in the network. After server has received a call, it will broadcast caller ID information to computers in the network. All clients will popup small window with caller ID inforation and playback a ring sound.
Where Network Caller ID can be used?
  • At home. See caller ID information on all computers in your home, before you pick up.
  • Small and middle business. Network Caller ID can replace a secretary. Employee will know who is calling, so the right person can pickup the call, if the call is recognized.
  • Monitor all your home phone calls from work. You will not be able to answer a call, but you will know who and when called you.
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