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Spy on all of your telephone calls!
Spy Modem
  • Automatically tap telephone conversations
  • Record phone calls from microphone like Dictaphone
  • Voice Activated Recording of phone calls.
  • Play back recorded phone calls via telephone line or computer speakers
  • Record ALL telephone calls automatically
  • Built-in software automatic gain control for perfect sound quality
  • One click Email sendind with recorded telephone call attached.
  • Detect and log Caller ID
  • Friendly program interface allows you to make quick notes to remember phone call contents
  • Convenient popup Caller ID window
  • Optional remote party notification before recording. It is required by law in some contries.
  • There is Super Spy option for stealth recording.
  • Optional answering machine mode.
  • Recording from data modem is possible (you will need to physically connect your modem and sound card).
  • Convert your records to any voice format! (MP3, WAV, etc)
  • Program size is only 300 KB. Compare that to the footprint of other multi-megabyte software!
Perfect sound quality and volume available with Modem Spy only!
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