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Spy on all of your telephone calls!
Spy Modem

What is the difference between Modem Spy and Modem Spy Pro?

 Modem SpyModem Spy Pro
Record phone calls automatically.YesYes
Record phone calls manually.YesYes
Recording from more than one modem simultaneously.Yes
Record from microphone.Yes
Playback records via phone line.Yes
Playback records via computer speakers.YesYes
Automatic gain control.YesYes
Detect and log caller ID information.YesYes
Quick notes of every call.YesYes
Run as a service.Yes
Work via TAPI driver.YesYes
Work via direct COM port access.Yes
Remote party warning before recording.YesYes
Answering machine mode.YesYes
Record in PCM format.YesYes
Convert records to any audio format on the fly.Yes
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