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Modem Master ActiveX control
The Modem Master ActiveX is a powerful, but easy to use ActiveX component that can be used in any application capable to host ActiveX controls. Developer can execute modem commands, receive replies, send any strings to modem, and read any data from modem. Also, a number of different notifications about modem state changes are available.

A list of features

  • Support of any port number, rate, and port options (parity, stop bits, etc).
  • Support both COM, LPT and PRN ports.
  • Execute a command, and get a reply.
  • Send any string/command to modem.
  • Read any string from modem.
  • Get notified about incoming rings, and other hardware events.
  • Learn about last error occured (if any)

Where Modem Master ActiveX can be used?
  • Modem dialers.
  • Caller ID detection applications.
  • Call centers.
  • Speakerphone applications.
  • Faxes, answering machines, etc.

System Requirements
Any Windows operating system installed.

See also
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