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Modem Master ActiveX

System Requirements

  • Any Windows operating system installed.
  • A modem, connected to COM port, or any other hardware corrected to COM or LPT port


  • Extract files into permanent directory.
  • Run install.bat to register ActiveX control.

Removing Modem Master ActiveX

  • Run uninstall.bat to unregister ActiveX control.
  • Remove the directory you created previously.

Distribution of Modem Master ActiveX

When distributing your application, you need to:
  • copy Modem.ocx to your application installation directory.
  • register it with install.bat command.
No other files and actions are needed. We would appreciate if you mention us in your "About" window (not required).


See license.txt for details.


Unregistered version of Modem Master ActiveX stops functioning in 30 minutes after control was created in memory. You need to register the control in order to get rid of this restrinction. After registering, you will receive three numbers that you need to pass to the ActiveX control via Register() method. See below more information.

Creating ActiveX Control
It's better way to drop Modem Master ActiveX on the form in design mode. Your IDE will do all needed job in order to support it.
You can freely create more than one instance of Modem Master ActiveX.


BSTR PortName

Port name. For example, "COM2" or "LPT1".


Port baud rate.


Port parity.


Port stop bits.


Port byte size.

long LastError

Last error occured during latest method call. See GetLastError description in MSDN.



Opens specified port. Returns TRUE in case of success.

void Close()

This will close previously opened port.

BSTR Execute(BSTR ModemCommand)

Executes specifies command on a modem, and returns a reply. The command should be without CR or LF characted at the end. Returns empty string in case of error. See LastError property for more information.

BSTR Read()

Reads data from a port.

long Write(BSTR Data)

Writes data to port.

VARIANT_BOOL ClearCommBreak()

See ClearCommBreak() description in MSDN for more information.

long ClearCommError()

See ClearCommError() description in MSDN for more information.

VARIANT_BOOL EscapeCommFunction(long Func)

See EscapeCommFunction() description in MSDN for more information.

long GetCommMask()

See GetCommMask() description in MSDN for more information.

long GetCommModemStatus()

See GetCommModemStatus() description in MSDN for more information.

VARIANT_BOOL PurgeComm(long)

See PurgeComm() description in MSDN for more information.


See SetCommBreak() description in MSDN for more information.

VARIANT_BOOL SetupComm(long InQueue, long OutQueue)

See SetupComm() description in MSDN for more information.

VARIANT_BOOL TransmitCommChar(char C)

See TransmitCommChar() description in MSDN for more information.

VARIANT_BOOL Properties()

Pops up a Sound Control ActiveX tuning window. Returns True if user pressed Ok button on the dialog box.

VARIANT_BOOL Register(long Code1, long Code2, long Code3)

This function unlocks program to fully registered version without any restrinctions. Code1, Code2, Code2 are numbers you have got after filling in online order form. Returns True if specified numbers are correct, and program is registered.

void AboutBox()

Pops up About window with information about version, release date, and contact information about the control.


void OnOpened()

Modem is opened.

void OnClosed(void)

Modem is closed.

void OnEventBreak(void)

EV_BREAK hardware event received.

void OnEventCts(void)

EV_CTS hardware event received.

void OnEventDsr(void)

EV_DSR hardware event received.

void OnEventError(void)

EV_ERR hardware event received.

void OnEventRing(void)

EV_RING hardware event received.

void OnEventRlsd(void)

EV_RLSD hardware event received.

void OnEventRxChar(void)

EV_RXCHAR hardware event received.

void OnEventRxFlag(void)

EV_RXFLAG hardware event received.

void OnEventTxEmpty(void)

EV_TXEMPTY hardware event received.

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