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Spy on all of your telephone calls!
Email Checker
  • Stays out of way in the system tray.
  • Provides pop up window when email is found.
  • Shows who wrote email, subject and first several lines of each email.
  • It can serve up to several thousand POP3 servers.
Easy Search
  • Searches for the specified keywords on most popular search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Altavista and others.
  • When page is found, program will check if there are these keywords there.
  • Searches for the keywords on the local drive.
Tips for Better Searching
  • Specify words that must appear in the results
    Attach a + in front words that must appear in result documents.
    example: sting +police
  • Specify Words that Should Not Appear in the Results
    Attach a - in front of words that must not appear in result documents
    example: python -monty
  • Specify greater number in Do NNN steps inside found page. Search becomes slower, but program will find more pages for you.
Easy Download
  • Downloads HTML pages with images, sounds, videos etc.
  • Changes all links in the downloaded HTML files, so you can look through them even off-line.
  • Supports auto login into pages protected by password.
  • When the program finishes its work - find main.htm and open it in your browser.
How to use it:

URL: Enter full web address of a page which will become main.htm on your local disk. For example:

Path: Specify full path from where files must be downloaded. For example:**

Save to: Specify the place where to save downloaded files on your local disk.

Easy Collection
  • Easy Search + Easy Download

Antispam plugin for Fidolook
Webmoney Loader
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