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WebCam Video
  • User may select any video-source (web-camera, TV tuner etc).
  • Video-chats can be automatically saved as regular .AVI files.
  • Webcam picture is sent as a regular text messages, so WebCam Video will work well even behind firewalls. User will not see these text messages, of cause.
  • Delay and block size may be changed.
  • WebCam Video provides simple interface to web-camera. Developers may take snapshots in either bitmap or jpeg format.
How to use WebCam Video:
  • Right-click on contact name in Miranda main window
  • Select Video Chat menu item
  • If remote party have WebCam Video plugin installed, it will start video chat immediately.
  • If remote party does not have WebCam Video plugin installed, he/she will receive small text message saying you want to start video chat. The download link will be provided, as well.
RSS News Popup
  • Shows news in small popup window.
  • Suports all RSS protocol versions.
  • Shows news only when user is working on computer (optional).
  • Unlimited number of newsfeed URLs can be specified.
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian
  • English
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