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What is OpenWengo?
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Openwengo is a community of Free Software enthusiasts. The OpenWengo community is sponsored by Wengo, a French SIP provider, itself backed by Neuf Cegetel, a French telco.

The first and major piece of software OpenWengo produced is known as WengoPhone Classic, a SIP compliant VoIP client. Several other Free Software projects are in concurrent development. Among them, WengoPhone NG (for Next Generation), will be a refactored version of WengoPhone Classic. In the past, WengoPhone NG has been referred to as "Picard".

Openwengo also recently published a WengoPhone Firefox extension, which allows you to make calls from the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Versions for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are available, although the latter is still in development.

Wengo Phone?
With WengoPhone you can call other WengoPhone users. It is also possible to call landlines and cell phones after purchasing credits. Calls from the Wengo SIP service to certain other standards-based providers are possible.

OpenWengo Recorder

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