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What is Instan-t?
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Instan-t is a multiprotocol instant messaging application developed by Interactive Networks Inc., that allows Microsoft Windows users to communicate with MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ and Instan-t IM networks.

Despite being originally offered as a freeware version of Interactive Networks' private instant messaging service in March 2001, it remains fully functional for the now 200,000 people who use it worldwide. In 2002, Instan-t was selected as a finalist in the Comdex Best of Show Awards.

Multi-Network Chat

Instan-t allows users to communicate with MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ and Instan-t IM networks without any spyware or advertising. Additionally, users can establish a multi-person instant messaging session where they can simultaneously chat with users from all these IM networks in the same chat session.

Video and Voice Chat
Instan-t's latest version includes video and voice chat, enabling users to communicate face to face with contacts on any IM network. These features were developed by incorporating the latest Voice over IP (VOIP) and streaming technology from the Macromedia Flash Communication Server. Multiple quality levels can be selected in order to have the best experience possible with the available bandwidth. This feature will work behind firewalls or gateways.

Web Communication Center
Every Instan-t user is given a Web Communication Center which is created at registration. This web-based communication center enables other people to contact the user without downloading any software. An e-mail tool that allows users to add a signature to all their mail informing their online status is also provided. Email recipients only need to click on the signature to start an instant messaging session through the Web Communication Center.

Skin Technology
Instan-t includes a powerful skin technology that lets users choose between multiple-user interface designs. The standard installer includes two skins, Graphite and Modern. Additional skins can be downloaded from the Instan-t website.

Other Features
  • Instant Messages with support for offline messages.
  • File Transfer.
  • Message History (stored on the user's computer).
  • Contact list management with support for multiple folders.
  • Ability to see which contacts have you on their contact list.
  • Authorization request and hide email privacy settings.
  • User profile, directory and search.
  • Multiple connection status (busy, invisible, etc.).
  • Customizable automatic replies.
  • Invite by email tool.
  • Graphic and audio emoticons.

Instan-t Recorder

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