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Frequently asked questions about Active LogView

Q Do you have any install instructions ? Please advice on how to setup it.

A LogView is easy to setup. Just put logview.exe and logview.cfg files into your cgi-bin and type in your browser

Q How to setup LogView on a Unix server ?

A Active LogView runs only under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000.

Q How can I read the lastest log file?

A LogView reads all files it can find. To read a certain file - enter it's name in Preferences / Log file path.

Q When going to Preferences, it asks for a login and password.. How do I get that?

A Default login is LogView password: You can change them online (in Preferences), or you can manually edit a CFG file. Note: If both admin login and password are empty - nobody will access admin area.

Q It doesn't seem to save my settings when I update them.

A Does your hoster allow to write into your cgi-bin directory? Ask administrator to disable write-protection.

Q When I run Active LogView from my cgi-bin, browser attempts to download file.

A Please ask your web-site administrator to configure server properly.
You will need to setup CGI-BIN folder execute permissions as shown on the picture.

Q What log file format I should setup in order to use Active LogView?

A Active LogView uses extended log file format. Required fields are: date, time, c-ip, cs-uri-stem, cs-uri-query, sc-status, sc-bytes, cs-bytes, cs-version, cs(User-Agent), cs(Cookie), cs(Referer)

Q When Active LogView tries to parse large log files, the cgi process times out. How to fix it?

A Go to Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Internet Information Services. Open your website properties increase Connection Timeout option.

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