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IE Source :: Veiw HTML Source of all frames on a page!
IE Source
  • View HTML code of any web-page
  • View HTML code of all frames on a page
  • Enclosed frames are supported
  • IFRAME is supported as well
  • Change font size and type of page source viewer
  • Internet Explorer is the only browser supported.
Installing IE Source

Five simple steps to make your web-surfing a piece of cake

  1. Download, and install IE Source. The following buton should appear on Internet Explorer window. Skeep spets 2 and 3 if you see the button
    IE Source :: toolbar
  2. Right click on Internet Explorer toolbar. A menu should appear. Select Customize menu item:
    IE Source :: menu
  3. Select IE Source from list of available toolbar buttons. Press Add button. Press Close button. Now you should see the IE Source button on toolbar.
    IE Source :: window
This is it. Now IE Source is installed on your computer and ready to use.
See also
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