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Advanced Biorhythm Forecast Tool.
Personal Biorhythm Forecast screenshot

Personal Biorhythm Forecast software stands off the crowd of similar programs. Unlike others, it does not draw sinusoid graph with random period and amplitude.

Personal Biorhythm Forecast is based on astrology and strong mathematics.


Astrologers know, disposition of a planets on the sky at the time of birth has significant influence on the life. Transit planets create special configurations with those ones at the birth time. These configurations may either give you extra power, or may leave you helpless. Personal Biorhythm Forecast program will help you to find out the time you are weak and the time you are strong.

The program uses strong mathematical algorythms in order to find out the curve of your byorythm. It calculates disposition of a planets on the sky, and look for special planet configurations. The program does not use any random data. And it does not use any kind of theory of probability. Only strong formulas are used.
Still thinking?
Install the program and enter the most significant event timestamp. Check out the day you met your first love, child born, or the date you lost a job. You will be surpised with a graph you will get!
Download and try Personal Biorhythm Forecast for free! You can uninstall it at any time if it does not work for you.
Are you professional astrologer?
Personal Biorhythm Forecast will help you to find out very strict planet disposition at any date and time since 5000 B.C. The program also will help you to rectificate the time of birth.
System Requirements
Any Windows operating system installed.
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