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Save your time and money with Extra Dialer
 Extra Dialer is predictive dialer for Your business!
A simple example
Imagine that you need to broadcast voice message to 1000 phone numbers. Message length is 2 minutes.
  Human Extra Dialer Your benefit
Time taken 4000 min = 67 hours 2500 min = 41 hours 26 hours!
Pay per hour $10 per hour = $670 --- $670
Even more
If you use Extra Dialer Pro 10 times, you will save $6,700 and 260 hours of your time minimum!
Why you should use slow and expensive human labour if you already have a computer with voice modem in your office?
  • Extra Dialer is a program that dials phone numbers one by one and forwards voice messages to people.
  • Extra Dialer is a unique program, that uses advanced technology for voice messages broadcasting.
  • It can save lots of money, because you do not have to hire a person who will dial phone numbers manually.
    Even more, you do no need specific hardware. Extra Dialer works with regular voice modem.
  • All you need is to record your message with a microphone attached to sound card and start message broadcasting.
  • Extra Dialer can optionally record recipient response, as well.
  • You can listen to recorded messages using ExtraDialer's friendly interface.
  • It can force most answering machines to start recording before message delivering.
  • Extra Dialer uses unique technology for human answer detection.
  • It can easy import phone numbers from any database.
  • The program lets you record your voice message and store it on your PC until it is transmitted.
    After transmitting your voice message, it can record a reply from the recipient.
  • Program may be configured to dial at specific time and day of week.
  • Program can be run when Windows runs.
  • Incremental phone number dialing added.
  • Extra Dialer understands busy, no-answer and FAX tones.
  • Extra Dialer requires any Windows OS installed and a modem with voice capability in order to transmit voice messages.
Comparison chart
  Extra Dialer Pro Extra Dialer Lite
System requirements Pentium 100, 32Mb or RAM (or higher), voice modem, sound card. Any Windows version installed.
Database size unlimited (*) unlimited (*)
Number of databases supported unlimited (*) one
Importing database option Yes Yes
Recording outbound message via microphone and sound card via microphone and sound card
Recording recipient's responce Yes Yes
Beep before recording Yes Yes
Recording time limitation Yes Yes
Working with answering machines Yes Yes
Human pick up detector Advanced Basic
Schedule dialing Yes Yes
Advanced busy signal detector Yes Yes
Interface Improved (download to test) Basic (download to test)
Text-To-Speech option Yes No
Automatic Gain Control Yes No
FAX machine detector (NEW) Yes No
Technical support Yes Yes
Future program improvement Yes! frozen (bug fixes only)
Customization Yes! No
One time payment fee
$199 $139
Monthly fee NONE NONE
Hidden fees NONE NONE
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Attention Windows 95 users! Unimodem/V driver must be upgraded
(*) database size is limited by hard drive space (approximately 12,000 items per megabyte)
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