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Powerful DHCP service for Windows.
Tiny DHCP Server is a simple and user friendly DHCP service for your network. It suppports unlimited number of client computers on the network. Also, it supports up to 64 network adapters (network cards) installed.
Tiny DHCP Server
Tiny DHCP Server allows to configure client computers with the following parameters:
  • IP address - client IP adderess. You may leave this field blank, and program will generate unique IP address based on server IP, and network mask.
  • Subnet mask - a mask for the network.
  • Domain name - a domain name.
  • Host name - host computer name.
  • Gateway - a list of gateways (up to 20 items). Server IP address is used if you left this field blank.
  • DNS Servers - a list of DNS servers (up to 20 items).
  • WINS Server - a list of WINS servers (up to 20 items).
  • Node type - type of node (broadcast, peer-to-peer, mixed, hybrid)
  • Lease time - number of minutes of lease time.
  • Comment - any text. Comment field is not used for network configuration.
Tiny DHCP Server acts as a DNS proxy server. It will cache requests to DNS servers made by client computers, so websites will load even faster. Administrators may assign IP address to any domain (similar to standard hosts file), and all client computers will use that settings automatically. Also, administrator may black list any websites.
System Requirements
Any Windows version (32 or 64 bit).
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