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Record all your phone calls

Automated phone call recording application with the following features

- record incomming calls
- record outgoing calls
- delete old recordings by schedule
- lock recordings, so they can not be deleted
- unlock recordings
- send recordings via email/bluetooth/skype/etc

Recorded files are avialable in the /phone-calls direcory in the SD card of your phone

Confirm outgoing calls

Some devices have not very user friendly user interface that allows to dial numbers accidentally by touching the contact names in the list. We developed so-called "call confirm" feature. Is will popup a window and ask if you really want to dial the number before the number is actually dialed. This feature is disabled by default in preferences.

Known issues

- some phones have restrictions that does not allow to record phone calls.
- recording from some phones via bluetooth does not work properly.
Please do not use it with other phone calls recording applications simultaneously.

Legal information

- you are responsible for remote party notification about recording.
- calls recording may not be legal in some countries/states.

System Requirements
Android OS 1.6 or higher.
Download: android-call-recorder.apk (ver 2.14)
Free version does not allow to hide the application icon in notification area. You may order full version of the application and get rid of this restriction.

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